A word about my current and/or recent
writing projects...

I'm excited to share my first poetry book: a series of poems inspired by the Gothic Romantic mood. 

Think Mary Shelley meets Wes Craven or Jane Eyre meets Jason Vorhees. The book represents a literary and cinematic exploration of the beauty within the dark.  Blending tones and images, the collection is a study of primal fear and what attracts us to the morally ambiguous.

My Gothic Romance was published by Finishing Line Press in April 2019. 

2) Poetry & Short Stories

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Taking inspiration from film, fiction, mystery stories, and fairy tales, I am currently at work on a series of poems and short stories that blend gothic elements with aspects of my South Asian American cultural heritage.


3) Novel in progress

I'm currently at work on my first novel, a coming of age story set in post-partition Pakistani/India.  Stay tuned for details.


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