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A word about my current
writing projects...

1) First novel in progress: a gothic romance set in mid twentieth century Pakistan

I'm currently at work on my first novel, Jaani, a coming-of-age love story, teeming with ghosts and superstitions, that is set in post-partition Pakistan. 

Stay tuned for details!

In March 2022,  I was among a select cohort of writers and teachers who were awarded the Jack Hazard Fellowship in fiction/non-fiction writing.  I am grateful for this award, which time and funding in support of my novel writing project.   Read more about the fellowship, the select fellows. and my project  here.


2) Poetry & Short Fiction

Taking inspiration from film, literature, mystery stories, and fairy tales, I am currently at work on a series of formal and free verse poems, as well as flash fiction pieces/short stories, that blend gothic elements with aspects of my South Asian American cultural heritage.

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