by Mehnaz Sahibzada


My porcelain

mouth breathes

porcelain thoughts--

delicate as moon songs,

red as strange loves. 


I drift through this

supermarket of strangers.

this wretched beast

inside of me whispering

through my arteries.


My porcelain heart

moves up and down

the staircase of my spine.

Sometimes its beats

take me down porcelain

streets, where it seems

my whole life

might break apart. 


Just a slight smile

could shatter

my porcelain teeth

when the sky turns gray.


When clouds gather

in the aisle of my mind,

eyebrows withering into space,

just a blink could burst

my porcelain eyes--

just a shiver might shatter

my porcelain face. 

***From My Gothic Romance, my first full-length collection of poetry (published April 2019 by Finishing Line Press)

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