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Whether you're working on a poetry, fiction or non-fiction, it's helpful to have another skilled set of eyes take a look at your work.  I'm happy to look at writing that is in the early stages of editing, but I specialize in working with people who are in the final stages, and who want their poems edited for submission/publication. 


I know what it's like to be a writer in need of editing advice on a budget.  I try to keep my rates fair and reasonable (more on that below).  My only goal is to help each writer polish their own authentic style.  I aim to provide feedback in a way that honors each individual's unique aesthetic.

Please check out my "Bio" page and "Writing" pages for more information on my background and publications.  I bring years of experience as a published author, English teacher, and workshop participant to the task of reviewing poetry & fiction, having taken over a dozen writing workshops through UCLA Extension, Gotham, and elsewhere.  Additionally, I have served as screener in both the Pen American Emerging Voices Fellowship (2011) and the Kate and Kingsley Tufts Poetry Awards (2016).  Opportunities such as these have helped hone my editing eye.

Proofreading & Critique Rates:

  • The Mini: 3 poems (typed single or double-spaced in 11 or 12 point font) with no more than one poem per page (not to exceed 7 pages) OR up to 1000 words of prose (fiction or essay).   $25

  • The Sampler:  6 poems (typed single or double-spaced in 11 or 12 point font) with no more than one poem per page (not to exceed 14 pages) OR up to  2500 words of prose (fiction or essay).  $50


  • The Chapbook/Short Story/Chapter: 20-36 pages of poetry (typed single or double-spaced in 11 or 12 point font) with no more than one poem per page OR up to 5,000 words of prose (fiction or essay).  $100

  • The Full-length Poetry Manuscript or Novella/section of novel/book: up to 75 pages of poetry (typed single or double spaced in 11 or 12 point font) with no more than one poem per page.  OR up to 12,000 words of prose (fiction or essay). $180





What do the editing packages include?

  • The Sampler & Mini include:  one page of typed notes

  • The Chapbook/Full length (longer prose): two pages of typed notes and a 30 minute zoom call or phone call

If you're interested in having me edit your work:

STEP 1:  Select the appropriate option from the drop down menu above and complete your purchase.

STEP 2:  Email me your poems as a Google or Word document at 


In the "subject heading" of the email, type "Your First and Last Name".  In the email, include a brief description of your project, your specific feedback needs (if any), and any questions you may have.  Also feel free to include a short bio or links to any websites that are relevant to your writing.

STEP 3:  I will respond within 24 hours to confirm that I have received your poems & payment.

STEP 4:  Once I email you, I will begin editing.  Response time varies depending on the length of your project (but generally falls between 1-2 weeks). 


WANT TO SCHEDULE A 1-HOUR PHONE OR ZOOM CHAT?  If you'd also like to schedule a one hour phone or Zoom chat to discuss your work, please purchase below.  We can arrange a convenient time to review your manuscript once I email you the typed comments & notes.   $25





Questions or queries?

Email me at

I respond to questions or queries within 48 hours.


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